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Recyke y’bike (RyB) sells refurbished bikes. Is “refurbished” just a fancy way of saying “second-hand”?

No. Unlike most second-hand bikes, our refurbished bikes have a full safety check, worn parts are replaced, and the bike is correctly adjusted. This major pre-sale service is included in the price. A second-hand bike may appear cheaper, but really isn’t once you add in the cost of this key service. Our refurbished bikes also come with a warranty period covering any mechanical parts and bike setup, providing peace of mind for your first few months of ownership.

What parts are changed when a bike is refurbished?

Any part that is either worn beyond our standards, or any part that is dangerous in any way will be replaced. We will use either new parts or good quality used parts from our large stock..

What does RyB do to make a bike run smoothly?

Attention to detail is important here. Each area of the bike is inspected, and every bike goes through a process containing over 30 check points. A final independent second check is carried out followed by a test ride to ensure bikes we place in the shop are ready to ride. For a sustainable future we want our bikes to last. We see bikes we have sold appear across the globe; they are often re-donated to be refurbished and sold again.

Is the paintwork refurbished?

All bikes are cleaned but we concentrate on the bikes being mechanically sound rather than having pristine paintwork. A few minor paint chips and scuffs are to be expected and won’t affect a bike’s performance or longevity.

Why are some Recyke bikes much more expensive than others?

Our prices can start from as little as £20 for a child’s bike, but can, depending on the bike, cost much more. Our average bike price has continued to remain at approximately £140. The price we set depends on the donated bike and can consider the bike’s price when new, the current market price, its age, or condition.

Do RyB volunteers refurbish bikes to the same standard as professional bike mechanics?

Yes, volunteers refurbish bikes to the standard expected of the bike industry. Volunteers are at the core of our charity, and many have worked with our staff mechanics to achieve professional bike mechanic certification. Our mechanics will mentor volunteers; they provide training, support, and feedback so that we can continually improve their skills and confidence. Many of our volunteers will also provide the same mentor role to those who are newer and less experienced.

Can I get my new bike serviced at RyB?

Yes, we want customers to bring bikes back for servicing. With time, even the best built bike needs a safety check, adjustment, or worn-out parts replaced. How often will depend on mileage and riding conditions.

Can I get any bike serviced or repaired at RyB?
Yes, we have well equipped workshop facilities and tools, and our qualified mechanics are on hand with their extensive knowledge to provide any type of advice and repair at competitive prices.
Can I learn to service my own bike?
Yes, we run popular group and 1 to 1 training sessions for anyone who just wants to know more about their bikes. If you can fix a puncture, adjust brakes, and clean and lubricate your bike you will be well on your way to becoming a more independent cyclist! You can find more info on our Training page.
Does RyB offer courses for aspiring bike mechanics and volunteers?

Yes, this is an essential RyB activity. We are accredited to offer Velotech courses at bronze, silver and gold levels. The courses are also open to volunteers after three months “on the job training” at RyB.

What is the money from bike sales used for?

RyB is a non-profit making charity relying on volunteers, bike donations, financial donations, and grants. However, our bike sales are essential to cover charitable activities, pay salaries, buy parts and cover running costs.

I am interested in volunteering at Recyke, what next?
There is an online application to complete over at Support.
Do you buy bikes?

We don’t buy bikes. All of our bikes have been donated.

Do you offer part exchange?

We don’t offer part exchange but you can donate your old bike if you wish to.

Do you deliver?

Sorry, we don’t have the capacity to deliver bikes at the moment.

Do you pick up?

We have volunteers who are willing to collect bikes on our behalf but it is dependent on your location and their availability. Use the Contact Us page to get in touch to discuss. If you live in Hexham, please contact Nigel Barns to drop off your bikes (07711705125). If you live in Berwick, please contact Jim Blythe (01289382442). If you live in Saltburn, near Redcar, please contact David Craddock (0777925253). 

Do you sell electric bikes?

Due to the difficulty with testing battery longevity and electrical components we currently do not sell refurbished E-Bikes. We are working hard to address this to be able to sell more electric bikes.

Do you fix electric bikes?

Yes. Our staff at both sites hold Cytech E-Bike certifications and we service all branded Electric bikes. We are approved for servicing and electrical diagnostics with Bosch, Shimano, Fazua and others. 

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