Servicing and Repair

We carry out servicing and repairs on customer bikes starting at £50 for a basic tune up service. No need to pre-book, just drop in to either of our shops with your bike, our mechanics will assess it and provide you with a quote for the work.

If you wish to carry out your own quick repairs you can make use of our free to use fix your own bike repair stand at Byker! For a full price list please see below.

A 15% discount is available to NHS staff. For more information on why it’s important to service your bike check out our blog on why regular servicing make sense.

Basic Service

Full safety and bolt check, All components checked for wear, Gears checked and adjusted, Brakes checked and adjusted (excl bleed), tyres inspected for wear/damage and inflated, Chain checked and lubricated. (Excludes replacement parts and associated fitting costs)


Standard Service

As Basic Service plus: New inner gear cable, New Inner Brake Cables, Wheels Trued, Bike Clean. (Excludes replacement parts and associated fitting costs)




Fitting £25

Service £25

Adjustment £10

Facing (bare frame) £20

Fork fitting £35

Hubs (per hub unless stated)

Service        £25

Adjustment    £15

Replace sealed bearing (front)     £25

Replace sealed bearing (rear)       £35

Wheels (Per wheel, Excluding parts)

Build (new parts)     £50

True/tension         £20

Replace spoke and true (Up to 5)    £30

Fit/swap wheel (front)     £10

Fit/swap wheel (rear/disc)     £15

Standard cable brakes (per brake, excl parts)

Fit new cable (inner and outer)    £20

Fit brakes (Set)  £30

Fit new pads    £15

Service (single brake)    £15

Service (both brakes)    £30

Hydraulic brakes (per brake, excl parts)

Fit and bleed                £40

Bleed                             £25, or both for £40

Brake Mount Facing    £25

Fit hose                         £35

Fit pads                        £15

Fit rotor                          £10

Cable disc brakes (per brake, excl parts)

Fit Brakes (Set)      £30

Fit new cable (inner and outer)     £20

Fit new pads     £15

Clean and adjust     £15

Fit rotor       £10

Tubes and tyres inc. Tubeless (per wheel, excl parts)


Fit tyre        £10

Fit tube       £10

Fit tyre/tube (hub gear/dynamo/ebike motor if still in bike)        £15

Tubeless set up (Inc. tape, valves and sealant)            £45

Tubeless top up           £15

Tubless tyre replace and set up             £25


Chainset and bottom bracket (excl parts)

Fit chainset        £20

Fit bottom bracket         £30

BB Thread chasing     £10

Shell facing        £20

Service (cup and cone type)       £30

Pedals (excl parts)

Fit pedals (per pair)          £5

Thread chasing (per pair)        £20

Helicoil (thread repair, per pedal)     £30

Gears (per derailleur, excl parts)

Fit new cable (inner and outer)        £20

Fit derailleur      £25

Replace and adjust hanger       £20

Straighten and adjust hanger      £20

Gear service (front and rear)        £30

Chain and cassette (excl parts)

Fit chain       £15

Fit cassette      £15

Fit chain and cassette      £25

Drivetrain Degrease    £35

Sundry parts fitting (excl parts)

Bar tape         £15

Grips      £5

Bars (dropped)      £25

Bars (flat)     £20

Mudguards (full)      £30

Mudguards (clip on)     £15

Pannier rack         £20

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