Dear friends,

We’ve glad to announce our first cycling treasure hunt, organised in collaboration with Off the Grid Adventure for the Ouseburn Festival. This is a fun and family-friendly activity that will take you on a discovery ride around the park City Stadium on Saturday 15th July. The meeting point is Stepney Bank Stables, where we will do a quick safety check of your bikes and tell you the rules of the game. Then we’ll move together to the park, where the hunt will start! You will have to solve cues and puzzles to get to the end of it and find your treasure! We aim to finish at 12 and you are welcome to bring along your own food to share a social meal at the end of the game, or visit one of the many food venues in the area. The activity is suitable for children between 6-12, accompanied by an adult carer (max. 3 kids per adult). Free tickets can be reserved here.

We ask you to bring water, sunscreen and of course your helmets. Bringing a spare inner tube is also advisable.

Personally, I associate treasure hunts to some of my best memories of childhood, as my dad used to organize them for every birthday (until I got too cool for that). With this activity we want you to have fun together and remember to look around and find little treasures in our beautiful parks and natural landscape in Newcastle all year round. We hope you are looking forward to this activity as much as we do.