In October 2022, we launched a crowdfunding campaign with our long-term partner Kids Kabin. Our goal is to deliver 80 street bike repair workshops in Byker and Walker in 2023, giving 400 children new bike maintenance and repair skills at a time when money is tight and having access to a safe bike can be a lifeline for many. The weekly street bike repair workshops have ben extremely popular in the past years, and many families have come to rely on them.

Children learn to work out what needs fixed, select and reuse spare parts, as well as use a variety of bike tools both confidently and safely. Not only do they develop new skills, but they work together to help each other. On top of that, they are able to borrow toolkits to help them to put their learning into practice between session.

We are 20 days away from our deadline, and thanks to people’s generosity, have already reached 90% of our goal – however, because it’s crowdfunding, we must get to 100 per cent of our total to receive any money at all. If we don’t hit our target, all the pledges will be refunded and the workshops won’t be able to go ahead.

What we need you to do now

  1. Visit and like our Big East End Bike Fix Fund page on Spacehive
  2. If you can, become a ‘backer’ my making a pledge to support the fund
  3. Tell your friends, neighbours, colleagues and family about the campaign – you can share the QR code pictured below with them or send them this URL:
  4. Ask them to become ‘backers’ and to share the page with those they know